The Journey Begins By Looking In Reverse

by Aaron Pompei

Posted on Janurary 9, 2017

To get underway with my thesis project I'm making a selection of 6 past projects. These project should exemplify my design skills, thinking, and process while expressing distinct but relatable areas of interest. Supporting our direction even before a position is staked goes to show the undeniable importance of knowing your base of information is fact. A worthwhile exercise for me while painfully working towards a topic of interest to spent the next 12 months on.

As for the projects chosen to get started, I'll offer up what they are and why I choose them as this should help further map out the terrain I'll immerse myself in.

Project 01: SCAD Virtual Lecture Hall

Live streaming and on-demand open educational website which provided access to an extensive catalog of art and design topic lectures from globally and nationally recognized designers, writers, and business professionals. Leading off with this project is my first opportunity to show my skill with bringing concepts to market and scaling a project to meet progressive demands as its popularity grows. It exhibits not only a keens sense of design but the underlying processes, personnel, and strategy being a truly holistic project.

Project 02: Buildnation

Designed as a social getting-things-done platform for DIYers. This web application combines project management features with social interaction and support at all levels of a project. The platform monetizes the audience through industry partnerships and a collaborative services marketplace providing users with direct retailer discounts and hirable help as needed.

Project 03: Bandier

Mobile and web application to facilitate the trading of materials and goods between individuals. The service allows people to post, browse, and trade their stuff with a minimum amount of clicks to ease the tedium found through many other buy and trade services.

Project 04: Reframing Education For Longterm Refugees in Dadaab

This non-digital project has to address complex issues around education delivery within the refugee camp context. Where resources and safety are in short supply education falls dangerously low on the priority scale. Using design methods a framework to design primary educational curriculum to create a two-fold effect. As students learn their primary subject matter they exercise problems solving skills that can empower them to design toward greater prosperity Why? Project 05: Printing Experience for the Millennial(+) Generation As a lead Service Designer and UI designer a small interdiscplinary team and I created Chatter Box. A social printer that extends the photographic narrative through embedded audio. This playful and open ended tweak to the photograph... Project 06: Pace Walking is the best way to experiences nearly any place in the world however as it provides the greatest exposure it also creates exposure for the individual. AS a smart application which leverages available municipal data streams combined with the user's personal data services Pace designs the perfect walking commute. Why? smart cities today has had a positive impact on the efficiency of services delivered to its residence. These same technologies can extend the relationship citizens and communities have with their local government for greater reciprocation and collaboration having a larger positive effect on individual community cohesion, municipal maintenance, preventative costs related to crime, and a more self-reliant and sustainable society.

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